Client Love Letters

Kids get creative with pin cushions!“A children’s psychiatrist recommended your class to us. She said a few of her creative patients found your sewing class very therapeutic. My child does as well, and is a more confident person because of you, Andrea, and the environment you provide. As her mother I appreciate this, so Thank You.
“Andrea’s classes have been great for my daughter. I can’t believe how quickly she was able to begin sewing so independently. And it’s wonderful to see the proud look on her face when she comes out of class with her latest creation! You can tell that Andrea loves teaching children how to sew, and she’s got lots of fun creative project ideas for them to complete.”
Natalie Skinner
“I just wanted you to know that I am LOVING my serger now! The class I took with you made so much more possible for me and I am really excited at the projects in front of me. Thanks so much for the help and I will get in touch to do some further lessons, but for now, Yay!
Warm regards,
Betty Loof”

I have always wanted to learn how to alter my own clothes


“I am a very petite Chiropractor, and almost every single clothing item I own has to be altered in order to fit. As you can imagine, this can become very costly. Upon referral from a friend of mine, whose daughter is taking sewing lessons from Andrea, I decided that I would give her a call. I explained to her that I do not own a sewing machine, and that I had very limited experience, but she assured me that this was ok and she had sewing machines in her studio that I could use. As a teacher, Andrea is extremely competent and patient. She explains things very well and instructs me in a way that I find very easy to understand. I have seen some of the pieces she has made that have gone into fashion shows, and the quality and construction of the garments are exquisite and look like art pieces. I would highly recommend Andrea to anyone wanting to learn how to sew. She’s amazing!”

– Stephanie Louie

“My daughter, Abby, has been taking sewing lessons with Andrea for two years

112In that time she has grown in her proficiency with sewing and has made many treasured items such as a Pink Panther Halloween costume, flannel pajamas, a foot shaped pillow and she is currently working on making a jacket for herself. The warm and caring atmosphere that Andrea creates in the learning environment of her sewing studio is tremendous as she builds confidence in her students to complete their projects. It is without a single hesitation that I would recommend Andrea and her sewing classes to anyone who wants their child to be within a nurturing environment. “

– Beth Bartlett

Andrea is a wonderful, patient, kind and talented teacher

3333Whenever our children need her help, she assists each one with each project and while teaching them patience and respectfully waiting in turn for direction. 4:1 ratio works well. Great atmosphere where children and teens feel safe, secure and gain confidence. A kind heart and a listening ear that feeds the soul as your child gains knowledge and quiet friendships between instructor and fellow sewers. That is how I feel about Andrea – she is just so wonderful! Besides mentoring young children, she shows an example of good business ethics.”

– Mary Teixeira

“I have been coming to Andrea’s sewing classes for 10 years

IMG_0177I am challenged to take on more difficult projects than I ever would have attempted on my own. I appreciate Andrea’s enthusiasm, patience and kindness she brings to all of her classes.”

– Maureen Townsend

Andrea has been teaching my daughter sewing for several years now

555She is always well prepared to teach and engage her students with sewing projects. Specifically, the skills my daughter has learned have exceeded our expectations as parents.

Recently, during a work relocation, my daughter wanted to continue sewing and had the opportunity to take classes with a new sewing teacher in the States. Her new instructor commented, quite enthusiastically, that it was clear the previous instruction Trinity had received was a foundation to consistent skill and achievement. More importantly, that her teacher must have been compassionate and reliable based on how much my daughter loves to sew and the skill level she had achieved.

Often Andrea will spend extra time, which indicates to me as a parent her dedication to the students and sewing. This enthusiasm makes it a pleasure in class for my daughter. Andrea has a sincere interest in and concern for her students. She has been willing to come up with creative sewing lessons and allow my daughter to try new things with her “personally designed projects often used as gifts for her brothers! The result of this is that my daughter feels capable and empowered and is sewing at home on her own outside of class.

My daughter would describe Andrea as, “patient, kind, and creative.” She always leaves class happy.”

– Melany Startek


“I enjoyed sewing growing up and as a young adult but I wanted my child to learn from someone who really knew what s/he was doing. Andrea is fantastic! My daughter loves her sewing time and is proud of the items that she creates. Andrea provides the structure and flexibility to allow students to develop at their own pace. Many of my daughter’s friends have also joined in on the fun!”
“I’ve learned A LOT! It’s so fun!”

IMG_4039 “When we first moved to Victoria 2 years ago, I asked around about sewing lessons for my daughter. Andrea’s “Sew Easy” name came up several times, so we decided to give it a try. My daughter had taken sewing lessons before, but after working with Andrea she says: “It makes you look at clothes differently. I’ve learned A LOT! It’s so fun!” As a parent, I really appreciate how Andrea always has a positive attitude, she is always willing to help you solve a problem and does not do the work for my daughter. She teaches the students how to sew properly and gets them to complete projects that are age and ability appropriate.

In addition to the wonderful lessons my daughter has each week, Andrea puts on a fashion show each year. At last year’s fashion show, we were so impressed with how many students she had and how many different creations there were. Watching the students on the stage, you could feel the pride that each and every one of them exuded from having made their clothing themselves (with a little help, of course!) We look forward to seeing this year’s show to see what new creations there are. It was really inspiring for my daughter to see the range of abilities that were demonstrated from the first-time sewers to the experienced ones. What a lovely timeline to see all in one show!

If you’re thinking about taking sewing lessons, I highly recommend Andrea’s positive atmosphere and excellent teaching. We love the fact that Andrea offers extra classes over the breaks and if you need more time to finish something, she can always make room. We look forward to continuing to “Sew Easy” with Andrea!”

– Jennifer Gibson

“Andrea is an amazing teacher! She is so patient, and gauges her teaching to the level of her students. Thank you so much, Andrea.”

– From a very excited, Lydia Soukup, private adult student.

“Andrea makes you feel at home.”

IMG_2621 “When I started sewing with Andrea four and a half years ago I was very shy, but immediately Andrea makes you feel at home. Taking Andrea’s class is always one of the highlights of my week. They give you a chance to be creative and she teaches you many things. The environment is welcoming, and fun, and you get to know some really nice people. The classes are small, only four students per class, so Andrea is always helping everyone. I very much enjoy sewing with Andrea and highly recommend it for anyone wishing to learn.

– Eleana (student)


“Andrea is the best sewing teacher ever, because of her patience, the happy and relaxing environment that she creates, and her compassion for teaching others to sew.”

– Hannah

“What an amazing experience! “

IMG_3921“Over four years ago my two daughters thought that it might be a good idea to take some sewing lessons, since their mother couldn’t even properly sew on a button! We found an ad for a summer sewing camp provided by Andrea Bailey at Andrea’s Sew Easy. We signed up and really had no idea what to expect.

What an amazing experience! Andrea only schedules four people per class, so that she can work with each one individually. The classes have such a calm and happy atmosphere to them. The students learn so much and leave class very content and pleased with their progress.

I have the utmost respect for Andrea. She is so knowledgeable in everything pertaining to sewing and how to teach those skills to any age. Andrea is very kind and very patient with a lovely sense of humour. Her students feel right at home in her sewing studio. Over the years, I have run into so many people that have children who have taken sewing classes from Andrea. Everyone always states that their children loved the classes and the parents were so comfortable and happy with Andrea’s approach to learning.

I always highly recommend Andrea’s classes to anyone who is thinking about sewing classes. We are so fortunate to have Andrea’s Sew Easy in Victoria.”

Deborah Block, LEED AP
BLOCK-TECH Environmental Inc.